David Tulett

Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration

Memorial University


How does fair dealing affect your research and authorship?

The writing of a research paper requires the referencing of previous literature in the field, stating its contribution, and in some cases making quotations from the existing literature. Some of these cited articles may have been published in open access journals, or are otherwise in the public domain, but for the rest, we must rely on fair dealing. Fair dealing saves not only the expense of paying copyright holders, but also saves the cumbersome task of the administration of this process.

How do you see society benefitting from fair dealing?

Society benefits when information moves freely. Fair dealing helps eliminate a financial barrier to obtaining information. Where possible, educators and researchers should consider making the entirety of their teaching materials and research available to others at no charge, but where this is not possible, fair dealing provides a way for partial dissemination of this material at no charge to the public.