Gustavo Carvalho

Gustavo Carvalho

Sessional Instructor
Department of Political Science
University of Toronto

How does fair dealing affect the way you teach your courses?

It allows me to draw from a broader range of readings (I don't need to use textbooks, for instance) and to assign parts of classic or influential books the students would not be able to read if their access was limited to printed copies in the library stacks. In this sense, I would say it is a fairer and more democratic way to disseminate knowledge, especially to underprivileged students who cannot afford to buy books for all the courses they're attending at university. 

What are some ways the library has supported you in your teaching, research, and authorship?

In my research - through the amazing catalogue on Brazil, which I relied heavily upon for my PhD dissertation. In my teaching - course reserves. You guys do a great job there!