Rachel Hearn

Undergraduate Student
Equity Studies, Celtic Studies, Buddhist Psychology & Mental Health
University of Toronto Faculty of Arts & Science

How do you think your life would change if there wasn’t a fair dealing exception?

If there was no fair dealing exception, I would have been spending a lot more money on course readers and textbooks whether through rental or purchase. The cost of buying textbooks, which can be quite high, has been significantly alleviated for me because of this exception. It is also much easier to carry my laptop around which has all of my notes, lecture slides, documents, and readings on it than having to carry multiple textbooks as well.

How does fair dealing affect your studies at the University of Toronto?

A number of my readings are online photocopies of poems in books, articles in journals, or single chapters in books that our professor has made available to us through Blackboard. This semester I only have one course reader that we were required to purchase. The rest of my readings for all of my classes were made available to us online.